Enigma is a combination and logistic game, a 3D jigsaw puzzle for desktops.

Performance, spatial task - a kind of intellectual challenge that must be seen, resolved on the big screen. Falls into memory, contains patriotic elements. Cube architecture.

The project consists of two twin applications: ENIGMA_1 and ENIGMA_2. Each can be a separate whole, functioning independently. Usage does not require licenses, fees, logins.

The third segment includes the program: 3D_Object_Wizard to create your own spatial projects. The trilogy (compresed files) can be downloaded from the addresses below. It is also avaliable on CD /DVD.

ENIGMA_1. download

ENIGMA_2. download

3D Object Wizard.download

Watch, create, experience the magic world in tree dimensions.

Write history from scratch.

During World War II, ENIGMA was named the Geraman encryption machine. The code of this machine (changed several times) was brocken by Polish mathematicians-cryptologist. In this way read most important messages of the Nazi army, changed the course of the war.